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Publish Comics with WordPress

Using the popular blogging software, WordPress, is ideal for publishing comics online as blogging software is specifically designed for regularly posting and archiving blocks of content to the Web. ComicPress provides you a WordPress theme with the necessary comic display, navigation and archiving features built in as well as seemlessly presenting your comic and blog posts yet handling them accordingly. It's clean neutral style is designed to be used right out of the box, but with a little CSS knowledge you can style it as custom as you can imagine. There is always much discussion and assistance in the forum for modifications.

Development History

ComicPress surfaced in November of 2005. Blogging was becoming enormously popular and the software to power it was being created and perfected. Website designer Tyler Martin took an interest in the quickly advancing WordPress blogging software and developed a theme for it to publish comics that would become the ComicPress publishing platform. Several developers contributed various amounts of code to the project and ComicPress would soon become an industry standard for publishing comics on the Web. In May of 2008, programmer John Bintz developed the ComicPress Manger Plugin to accompany the theme and automate many of the tasks in managing a comic as well as taking on the task of further developing the functions. In July of 2009, programmer Philip Hofer, well-known to the Webcomics community as Frumph, joined the development team to assist with code development and help blow out the features list for the much anticipated version 2.8 of the theme. Thanks to the many efforts ComicPress has become a powerful comic publishing system which now graces the sites of hundreds of Webcomics.


• Clean, easily styled theme
• Choice of 5 page layouts (Standard, 3-Column, Vertical, Vertical 3-Column, Graphic Novel)
• Full comic navigation first, previous, next and last as well as chapter navigation (accesible navigation above the comic)
• 5 archive page templates for displaying your archives (in addition to WordPress native archiving)
• Built-in comic transcription and search
• Comic specific Widgets to customize sidebars
• Support for threaded comments
• Infinite hierarchy storylines* (categorize by volumes and chapters to any depth level)

*Requires ComicPress Manager Plugin

New in Version 2.8!

New Styling

— Sleek yet neutral design. Use as is or replace the graphics/colors with your own either partially or completely.

One Theme — Endless Layouts

— Choose from one of the 5 base layouts in the theme options. Further define your layout with several settings for customizing layout details. 20 useful Widgets included to add to your WordPress Widget library that can be placed on 13 Widgetized areas in the layout.

Customizable Menubar

— Create menu items and subcategory dropdowns without creating pages. Add author e-mail, search form, RSS link or mini navigation buttons. The menubar is also available as a widget that you can place anywhere in the layout.

Graphic Navigation

— Create a graphic navigation button set or select from the included ones. Complete with full navigation including chapters as well as an archive button, comment button, random comic button and a buy a print button. Provided as a Widget for choice of placement.

Post Heading Icons

— Add a calendar date icon to your posts, or your Gravatar or even a mood icon. Create your own mood icon set to choose from. Control them separately for comic and blog posts.

Author/User Pages

— Click a post author name or user name to get a bio about them as well as an archive of their posts.

Buy This Print

— An automated system for selling prints of your comics. Customize your prices and individual options. Place the button Widget with your comics, or use the button included in the graphic navigation.

Members Only

— Create content only users you have tagged as members can see on your posts.

Numbered Pagination

— Turn on numbered pagination to get paged navigation. Also works for tags and searches as well as returning the total results count.

Graphic Hovertext

— Replace the generic hovertext option (the text that shows up when you hover your comic image) with a character and dialogue balloon.

Calendar Wallpaper

— Place a wallpaper image thumbnail in the sidebar calendar that can be downloaded in up to 3 sizes. A great monthly offering to fans.

Calendar Archive Graphics

— Create images for each month of the year to show up in your calendar archives. Create a 12 image set to be reused or create a different set for every year.

ComicPress Companion

— A new plugin geared for styling ComicPress. Style your site without changing any of the actual theme files. If you break anything you can easily fall back to the default ComicPress styling. You won't lose your style modifications when upgrading to future releases of the ComicPress theme!


—SWF (Flash) file format support, extended comment code, custom image header, WordPress MU compatible, Plugin Wonderful (Project Wonderful plugin) built-in support, related comics/posts feature, click comic for next comic feature, disable comic on front page (use a thumbnail link), and more...

Add-On Plugin Features

ComicPress Manager Plugin

• Easy analysis and configuration of your ComicPress theme setup
• Quomicpress (like Quickpress) allows you to post new comics from the WordPress dashboard
• Bulk import, create posts for an existing archive of comics
• Upload comic files, no FTP necessary, one at a time or a muli-file zipped batch job
• Catch errors, verifies your image files, corrects/adjusts file names at upload
• Automatically create comic thumbnails for your archive or feed
• Bulk edit comic posts and easily change comic post dates/filenames
• Create and organize storyline categories
• ...and much more!

ComicPress Companion Plugin

• Make all your style edits easily in the WordPress admin
• No need to worry about making any harmful changes to the actual ComicPress stylesheet
• Upgrade the ComicPress theme without losing your custom styling

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