ComicPress 2.9

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ComicPress 2.9 is the WordPress theme for publishing comics. Requires WordPress 2.9 or later and PHP version 5.0 or later.

ComicPress is available at no charge but your donations are appreciated to support development. Thanks!
Estimated Retail Value: $30.00.

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ComicPress Themes

These Child Themes Require ComicPress 2.9

ComicPress Silver

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ComicPress Boxed

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ComicPress Plugins

These are WordPress plugins we've developed for use with ComicPress

ComicPress Manager

The ComicPress Manager Plugin will both simplify and enhance your ComicPress experience. You can install it right from WordPress, from your administration panel head to Plugins|Add New and search for "comicpress".
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Theme Companion

Theme Companion is a convenient way to style your ComicPress site. Rather than edit the theme's stylesheet directly, you can append any CSS styling to your site from Theme Companion. This will allow you to upgrade to newer versions of ComicPress without losing your custom styling.
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What Did They Say?!?

ComicPress comes with a very basic transcript feature. What Did They Say gives you a robust transcripting feature allowing you to transcribe your comic in multiple languages as well as give permission to multiple transcribers to help with the process.
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Plugin Wonderful

Easily add your Project Wonderful ads to your site. Automatically converts your ads into Widgets or use ComicPress' predefined ad locations. You can also choose to include your ads in your RSS feed.
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Keyboard Navigation

Set it up so that your readers can navigate through your comics using the arrow keys or other keys of your choice.
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Recommended WordPress Plugins

These are some plugins you should probably be using


If you are going to allow comments, you are going to want this plugin to keep spam out. It comes with WordPress, you just need to get activate it and get an API key from
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WP Super Cache

WordPress can be taxing on your server being a dynamic site. This plugin will speed things up by caching pages to static files to be reserved.
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Google XML Sitemaps

This will generate an XML file to help search engines index your site quickly and more efficiently.
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Feedburner Feedsmith

A lot of people like to use Feedburner to server their RSS feed and give them more tools to use with the feed. This plugin allows you to redirect your feed to Feedburner, and for Feedburner to get the feed from your site. This way you can continue to use your own personal RSS feed address that WordPress creates for you with your own domain.
Download from Google »

Widget Logic

It may be handy to have your sidebar on every page of your site, but sometimes you want to have control of what pages certain Widgets show up on. With Widget Logic you can use WordPress' own conditional tags to define what pages each Widget should display on.
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ComicPress Release Archive

NOV 2005 v1.0 Very basic system based on the default Kubrick theme which simplified it for easier customization and added a comic area under the header. Required posts to be set to display one per page. Had a separate archives file that had to be included in the site's root folder. Download N/A
APR 2006 v1.5 Various design and code updates were made. Added navigation buttons above the comic in the header link bar. Download N/A
APR 2007 v1.6 CE Updated the archives to work with WordPress version 2.1. A few other small changes. The CE stood for Classic Edition. This was to be the classic line of ComicPress, featuring the one post per page layout, no separate blog. Download
APR 2007 v2.0 BE Featured an attractive new design and a separate blog area so that a user could now post comics or separate blog entries. The separate archive file was replaced with a new integrated template file. Built-in WordPress archives could now be used and would mix blog posts with comic posts (including thumbnails). Comic now included in the RSS automatically. Comic files have more freedom of file naming and could vary image file type. The BE stood for Blogging Edition. Download
NOV 2007 v2.1 The CE and BE lines were done away with in favor of concentrating on just building the latest system. Various style sheet updates. Support for WordPress' new Widget and Tag systems. Improved archive navigation. Download
MAY 2008 v2.5 Introduced the five layouts. Included a template for the new WordPress gallery feature. Supported Gravatars. ComicPress Manager made it onto the scene with this release. Download
FEB 2009 v2.7 Default styling brought down to a bare minimum for less carryover with custom-styling. Hovertext and transcripts support added. Storyline support added with the assistance of ComicPress Manager. New archive templates introduced including paged by year, calendar view and storline archive. Included full navigation, first and last buttons added by default. Support for WordPress 2.7's new threaded comments. Download
AUG 2009 v2.8 New default design. All layouts in one theme. Choice of graphical navigation buttons. 13 widgetized areas. Added SWF format, moods, post avatars, calendar wallpaper download and calendar archive images. Buy this print feature. Customizable menu bar. Graphical hovertext. Custom header image. Lots of layout options. Download