Coseer Launches A Free Online Summarizing Tool

Coseer Summarizing tool

Coseer is a free online summarizing tool that can be used to summarize text from a website, document or article. The summarizing level can be chosen from Short to Long, depending on the length of the summary required. The summarizer is easy to use; simply type or paste the text you want to summarize into … Read more

Contenteum Launches Free SEO Content Brief Generator

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS For Your Blog, Website Or Store

Contenteum, a SaaS tool that lets you manage your content production process, has launched a new free SEO content brief generator that enables content teams to create SEO content briefs that are ready for use by an SEO content writer. The tool is designed to quickly and easily create content briefs on the choice of … Read more

ComicPress Updates

Dated: 22nd May 2020 We at Counsellr are super excited to share that a newer version of ComicPress is in development. It was planned sooner, but we hit some roadblocks because of Covid-19. Here are some things that you need to know before I tell you anything else: The Ownership of the domain has … Read more