ComicPress Updates

Dated: 22nd May 2020

We at Counsellr are super excited to share that a newer version of ComicPress is in development. It was planned sooner, but we hit some roadblocks because of Covid-19. Here are some things that you need to know before I tell you anything else:

  1. The Ownership of the domain has changed.
  2. The “Classic ComicPress” is still available in the WordPress Repository and can be accessed here.
  3. The new “ComicPress by Counsellr” is a completely new theme, revamped, and has no resemblance or connection with previous developers of ComicPress.
  4. The “new” ComicPress theme is currently being developed by Counsellr and is currently in very early stages. Here is what is coming:
    1. Responsive Design
    2. Clean UI
    3. Super Lightweight and Fast
    4. Better Comic Navigation

Now that the above is sorted, if you have a specific feature in mind and would like to suggest, get in touch using the contact us page. Hope ya’ll are safe and sound. #stayhomestaysafe

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